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Aerial Photography for Property Estate Agents, Northern Ireland


It’s all about how you present your property. When working with property, traditional methods don’t capture the true extent of the landscape, gardens or surroundings. Any images from eye level are not as appealing, as we see this view every day. To greatly increase the opportunity of selling your property, we recommend an aerial shot/video and a walkthrough. This can showcase features, creating an emotional connectional through video. To keep the audience interested, we focus on a short video of approximately 1-2 mins. This is inclusive of suitably themed music, but can also include voice over moments when required.


BWP team members hold a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), supplied from the CAA. We think outside the box, and have night operations on our permission to capture images or video of your property day or night.


The footage, of course is yours to utilize as you see fit. It can be uploaded to compliment your current listing, or can be created for your own sentimental keeping.


As with all of our production elements, we start with the client brief. We bring lots of tried and tested scenarios to get the best of your property, but we are always willing to listen to your suggestions. As safety is our number one emphasis, we would push back if the idea encroaches on the safety of personnel or property.