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Agricultural Aerial Surveying, Northern Ireland


BWP believes that in order to provide the client the most accurate details of the condition of their plant health, that we first need the right equipment. With a Near-infrared (NIR) global shutter camera providing geo and time stamped images, we provide sufficient quality still images to produce a clear mosaic of an area to allow photo interpretation and analysis of the crop and vegetation.


We can compare how that healthy plants and unhealthy plants reflect light from the sun:

High NIR reflectance / Low visible reflectance = Healthy Crops
Low NIR reflectance / High visible reflectance = Unhealthy Crops


Our aim is to provide clients with the following:

Crop health
Crop form
Crop height
Forestry volumetric
An indication of the number of live/dead trees
Ground conditions
Vegetation cover
Potential Wildlife habitat


As all agricultural drone activity is classified as commercial by the CAA, only those with specific permissions can legally operate. We have an extended permission for night time operations, allowing us to fly outside of the standard permissions timelines. This presents us with the opportunity to fly before “dawn + 30mins”, enabling us to capture the best thermal activity of the plants at first light.