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The content of your website is critical. It is the reason people visit your site – to find out what they want to know and more importantly, whether it is worth making any further contact with you. Whether you want to improve the traffic to your site, have higher conversion rates or just ensure your customers are getting what they need, a little more time spent on your content is time well spent.


To have the right content you need to know who your target audience is and why they are coming to your site. Good content means more content which people will want to read. It also gives your visitors a reason to spend more time on your site and become more familiar with you and your brand. This can enable more trust and lead to higher conversion rates.


The content of your site is also critical to ensure that your site and information can be found as it needs to contain keywords to help your site be found on search engines. Search engines attribute a level of perceived expertise, authority and relevance to your site if there are good amounts of high quality content and this will increase the ranking a site is given. If this content encourages visitors coming via other external sources and links, this will also increase your website’s ranking even further.


Content marketing is therefore incredibly cost-effective, as once the initial content is created, you can continue to improve on it, so a little time offers compounding returns as more people can find you and your high quality content. As it takes time for search engines to pick up on your new content, a content marketing strategy is unlikely to yield much in the way of results for the first few months, but after that you should start to see growth.


Big Windmill Promotions has over 10 years’ experience creating websites, so we know how to help you target your potential audience and can advise you on appropriate content and how to share your information to maximum effect. Our initial work would include an extensive competitor’s analysis to see what others in your industry are saying and doing online. We will also discuss your potential audience and undertake research on the keywords which may apply to your business to see how competitive they are and to consider how these words can be inbuilt in to your content. From this information we will then produce a detailed content strategy and plan. We will provide advice on the layout of your content and review any content you create to ensure the desired keywords are present and are appropriately visible to search engines.


Content marketing is inexpensive and beneficial to most businesses. It should be a key part of your marketing strategy. The sooner you start to invest in it, the sooner you’ll start to see results.