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Drone Night Time Operations, Northern Ireland


Licensed CAA permission operators must pass a rigorous set of assessments to operate commercially. With the drone market a rapidly growing one, it can be hazardous if not controlled responsibly, and if clear safety procedures are not adhered to.


As safety is Big Windmill Promotion’s primary focus, for both personnel and property, operating a drone at night only increases the risk against these safety factors. It is for this reason that the CAA will only issue a separate night rating to fly outside of the normal scope of daylight hours, if the contents of the Operations Manual sufficiently satisfies the CAA.


We take all precautions into account, such as the correct level of illumination around the operating area, ensuring that the weather is suitable for the task, etc. The drones we fly are fitted with readily visible lighting, and we would seek to complete a daylight reconnaissance and suitable assessment of the operating area to identify the unseen hazards. We would normally complete the night time flight during this assessment, ensuring that we keep the risk of anything going wrong to a minimum.


What does this rating enable Big Windmill Promotions to complete…..? With this rating, we can for example support:


Events – from the National Trust event “Festival of Lights” held in the grounds of Mount Stewart, through to the fireworks display held in Holywood.


Property – for that unique elevated night shot to increase the appeal of your property, and to conduct a thermal heat survey of your property.

Night Time Video examples: