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Email Marketing in Northern Ireland


Email marketing is a quick and easy way to contact existing and potential customers to either remind them that you are there if you need them or to let them know about something new or special that you are doing. The most successful campaigns will be shared by recipients with their family and friends and we are here to help you gather evidence to see which campaigns work best for you and give you the best return on investment.


If you are considering an email marketing campaign, we are here to help. We can design, manage and run your campaign and give you evidence of the reach and effect it has had. We can make recommendations re how to run your campaign, such as sending the emails at different times to target your audience when they are more likely to look at their emails such as first thing in the morning, bedtime or lunchtime. After your campaign we can also review its performance and make suggestions for ways to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns.


Campaigns can be personalised and targeted to specific audiences meaning you can share messages with those it is most relevant too and tailor it to their interests – such as after sales/up selling to existing customers or sharing information more widely on current offers. If you don’t already have a list of contacts or potential customers, we can create an email database for you from scratch or compile one from your system.


Email marketing is a cost effective marketing method as there are none of the printing or postage costs which are associated with leaflets or postal campaigns. A key benefit of email marketing is that you can measure what it achieves, such as how many people open your email, follow the links contained in it or make a purchase. You can undertake multiple simultaneous campaigns and include different messaging or call to action points in each campaign and then see which ones are more effective. We can create specific landing pages on your website for different campaigns and monitor the flow of traffic to them. This is helpful to test your messaging before launching a larger email marketing campaign or delivering your messaging via other routes which are more costly.