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Organic SEO in Northern Ireland


Everyone wants their website to be easily found on search engines and preferably would like it to be at or near the top of the list when people are searching. Organic search engine optimisation is the background work which is put into your site to help this without paying the search engines to appear higher on their list.


Our initial recommendation would always be to review your website to see how it is performing, who is looking at it and what they are looking at. We would consider the words or phrases people are using to find you and consider you current and historic website performance reports to see how your site is performing on google and other search engines. We also offer competitor analysis to see what your competition is up to and how they are encouraging people to their site.


Based on the outcome of our review and your direction on the areas you want to target, we can then implement a range of alternatives to help your organic search engine optimisation, such as:


  • A link back strategy to increase your ranking based on the connections to your site from legitimate and trusts sources.
  • Creating a google map entry for you or updating/optimising your existing one.
  • Looking at whether adjustments are needed to the setup of your website such as improving the loading time and other things that google considers when ranking your site.
  • Updating your website to optimise the desired words which people are searching for.
  • Advising on the content of blog articles of relevance to your keyword strategy which help you to be found more easily.
  • Writing blogs to encourage visitors to your site and ensuring the content is of interest to others who will share it together with a link to your site.
  • Adding transcripts to any videos on your website to enable google to pick up their content.
  • Running promotional and email campaigns to get people to specific landing pages which have been optimised for your desired keywords.


We can then implement ongoing monitoring arrangements, providing monthly reports on how your site is performing. We offer this service either on its own, or as part of the wider management of your website, pay per click campaigns or wider marketing campaigns.  If you are looking for SEO Belfast services give us a call today on 07739 010266.