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Welcome to BCS Web Design, a leading SEO Belfast agency. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is generally defined as ‘the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by raising the ranking position of a website (or specific web page, often referred to as a landing page) to users of a web search engine’.

SEO refers specifically to the improvement of unpaid search results (generally known as “organic” search results), as opposed to paid for adverts – I.E. the listings at the top of a search results page identified by the “Ad” tag.

A simple analogy of SEO that we have used for a number of clients is about something most of us have experienced, selling a house. So, you have spent thousands of pounds preparing your home for sale; doing a deep clean, removing all the kid’s crayon and paint marks off the walls, maybe hiring some painters in to repaint the walls. Maybe you have put in a new kitchen, or refurbished the old one. Spruced up your bathrooms and given the garden a fantastic manicure – you’ve even got around to finally cleaning that shed out!

But if you do not advertise your house for sale, how will potential buys ever find it? No ‘for sale’ signs? No listings on property websites? No estate agency engaged? Not even told friends and family to ‘put the word out’ that your home is for sale?

At BCS we always like to look at challenges from every conceivable angle. So, as well as focusing on website and search engine technology, we also like to consider the user-centric approach. If you can form a deep understanding of what information your target market(s) want to find on the internet you can then create quality content that fits this need. Combined with the aforementioned technical approach to enable search engines to recognise that your content is a good fit for their users, your SEO success is inevitable.

Organisations who have the most SEO success are because they focus in all three areas, the target market, the engaging content and the technological components.

Why is SEO important?

Well global retail e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 and Business-to-Business e-commerce sales are expected to outgrow Business-to-Consumer sales by 2020. The 4.39 billion current internet users (2019) are making 5.6 billion searches per day on Google, which is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic.

Most importantly, 70%-80% of search engine users are only focussing on the organic results, meaning that if you are not ranking at the top of the organic search results, you won’t be getting traffic to your website and social media platforms.

Is your position that important?

We understand that good business decisions need a sound, quantifiable basis, so here are some ideas on how you might estimate the actual value of implementing a good SEO strategy.

When you look at the average, organic click-through rates, the vast majority of clicks go to the top 3 highest ranked search results.

1st Position = circa 33%

2nd Position = circa 15%

3rd Position = circa 9%

Now there can be significant differences between search terms regarding their click-through rates. A search for a specific brand for example, will skew users towards clicking on a higher ranked result. Whereas other search terms, such as geographic searches, have a more even distribution of clicks through the top-ranking search results.

But these percentages are considered good indicators and are based off of over 11 million keyword searches every month, across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Is SEO worth it for my business?

Let’s look at a couple of calculations here that may help answer that question for you. Firstly, what would it cost your company to achieve the same rankings through PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising).

Say you are a mortgage provider currently ranking 11th in searches for mortgages in the UK. There are on average 74,000 searches per month for the keyword mortgage.  In 11th position, you would be expecting approximately 1.2% click-through rate to your website, around 890 visitors pcm.

Say that you manage to increase your rankings (through working with a great SEO agency!) to 3rd position, you would expect to achieve a click-through rate of 9.9%. Your monthly visitors would increase to approx. 7330, an increase of 6440 visitors.

The mortgage keyword has an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $3.88 so to have achieved those additional 6440 visitors through paid Google ads would cost you $24,987.20pcm.

Taking this further, if identify how many visitors to your website convert into business, say 1% and the mortgage broker’s average commission payment is £450, we can work out that 2% conversion of the 6440 additional visitors = 64 additional sales x average sales value of £450 = £28,800

Is an increase of £28,800 per month (plus savings of $24,987 per month in PPC ads) worth the investment in SEO?

If you would like to discuss what goes into build an SEO strategy to underpin your website and digital marketing strategy, and what the potential impact to your business could be, please fill in the contact form below or call us on 07739 010266.

BCS have help many small-to-medium sized companies significantly improve their search rankings, save money on pay-per-click spend through generating increases in organic growth and increase their revenue by up to 30%.