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Walkthrough Video Tours, Northern Ireland


Walk throughs offer a unique opportunity to show the viewer a close up view of somewhere they can’t normally see – or couldn’t see without travelling to the location. They are useful for sites such as:


– Buildings/homes for sale or to rent
– Hotels, B&Bs and self-catering accommodation
– Tourist destinations or tours
– Coffee shops and restaurants
– Manufacturing premises
– Offices
– New developments


Walk throughs can include situational ground or aerial imagery to show the surrounding area, local landscape or nearby attractions. We can tailor your walk through to show all or some of your site and can add subtitles, voiceovers or messaging at appropriate points. Most of our clients include a customised call to action at an appropriate point in the video or at the end to encourage the viewer to call or get in touch.


If you are building or renovating a premise or wish to show your site on different days, please take a look at our time lapse option as this may be more appropriate to your needs.


Our Walk Through portfolio:

Landlords, Property Sellers and Estate Agents


Walk throughs are particularly valuable for landlords, property sellers and estate agents who are beginning to discover how helpful and effective it is to have virtual tours, neighbourhood guides and other videos to help sell and rent property.


Walk through videos can be easily integrated into websites such as Property News and Property Pal as well as added to an estate agent’s website. Viewers from around the world can look at a video 24-7 and the average visitor will look at a property with a video for longer than one which just has photos.


A video gives the prospective buyer the feeling of moving through the property and is far more descriptive of the space than still images can ever hope to be. Viewers can see how the rooms and spaces connect and get a feel for the flow of the building. They can also get a more accurate appreciation of the size of the property and rooms. Most people buy a home based on emotion or a particular selling point such as the view, nearby amenities or a certain aspect of the home. A video can help to capitalise on this emotion and help take a step closer to a sale. Our videos are compelling and are authentic in style. They can include subtitles, calls to action and a voiceover to highlight key features and draw attention to the benefits of the property and the surrounding area.


A video conveys information effortlessly and quickly. It shows properties exactly as they are and therefore leads to better outcomes from enquiries. A well-produced video of a property’s interior and exterior eliminates a lot of the foot traffic, since most people are far too busy to spend their weekends walking around properties that aren’t even close to what they want.


If you are selling or renting a property a video should be a key part of your marketing strategy, ensuring that your property stands out from the crowd.