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Website Optimisation Northern Ireland


If you want your website to perform for you, it needs to be as efficient and effective as possible. We can review and make changes to your site to help. There are lots of things we look for, such as:


Loading time


A fast loading website is vital for a good ranking on Google. We use the latest tools to see what the current loading time for your site is and can then make recommendations on how to improve it such as changes to content or other adjustments you could make to ensure quicker load times. Our assessment will always include both desktop and mobile devices as they may differ.


Header tags & meta description


When a person opens a search engine and types what they are looking for, the words they type are keywords. These are the words that you want your site to come up under when people are searching. We will look at your website to see where your site currently comes up using the keywords you would like to see and what keywords your site is currently optimised for.


At Big Windmill Promotions, we have a lot of experience in webdesign belfast finding out what search engines are looking for and will ensure that your website has the latest standards in place to help it appear at the top of search engines organically i.e. without having to pay for it to appear at the top. We can also look after your google maps listings and social media profiles to make sure that your marketing messages are the same across all your marketing tools.


User Experience


We can carry out an in depth analysis and provide a report on every page of your website to show how to get better results from the visitors who are going to your website. We will make recommendations on things that will help improve user experience, helping your customers to navigate round your site more easily and ensuring they find what they want as quickly as possible and with as few clicks as possible. If you are happy with our ideas, we can put them into practice and update your site or work with your current web designer to apply them.


Relevance of content


During the review of your site we will also look at your content. We want to make sure that every page covers the things your potential client will want to know and make sure your text is relevant to the keywords that will drive people to your site. The content of your site is very important as google will consider the level of expertise you are showing and allocate a higher ranking to those who appear to have more expertise. Video is now another key part of search engine optimisation and Big Windmill Promotions can also help you by producing a promotional or demonstration video to communicate your desired message clearly.


Multi device compatible


Looking at the sites which we manage, almost 50% of visitors now come from mobile devices. This means we need to make sure your site looks good on all devices so we will look at your site on a range of platforms and where necessary, propose corrections to make it appear properly no matter how it is accessed. Google will no longer give a good ranking to sites unless they are mobile friendly, so if your site is not accessible to mobiles, not only are you putting off a large percentage of potential customers, you are also damaging your organic website ranking.


Links from other sites


Having links from relevant websites is critical to help improve your search engine listing organically, however you can’t just link from anywhere. We can propose and implement a safe strategy of link backs to help.


Old tricks do not work anymore!


If your website was created a few years ago, some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that were applied then may actually be penalised by Google now. Practices such as repeating keywords and having lists of keywords on their own will soon be frowned upon by Google and your ranking will drop. If this happens, it is likely to take some time before you can get your ranking back up again.